Cardiac Arrhythmia Center of the Palm Beaches (CACPB) is a cardiac electrophysiology practice specializing in heart rhythm disturbances, also called arrhythmias. Dr. Simie Platt is board certified in cardiac electrophysiology, which means he has specific expertise in managing a broad spectrum of heart rhythm disorders including atrial fibrillation, fast heart rhythms (tachycardias), slow heart rhythms (bradycardias), and blackouts (syncope).

CACPB offers a wide variety of treatment options for the management of these conditions, including the latest and most advanced procedural techniques. Our doctors are highly skilled at performing procedures such as catheter ablation and implantation of cardiac devices, and have many years of experience with these procedures. At the same time, the doctors recognize that great patient care does not start the morning of the procedure. At CACPB patients will receive friendly, compassionate care from the moment they walk in the door for the initial consultation. Our doctors treat patients as individuals who need a highly specific treatment plan and will ensure that all possible treatment options are discussed in detail.   The philosophy of CACPB is that “the patient always comes first,” and we believe this is one of the reasons for our consistently high level of patient satisfaction.

Nothing exemplifies these high standards better than when we hear directly from our patients. Here are several direct excerpts from letters patients wrote to us:

"Thank you for your reassurance, brilliance, and dedication to your specialization. The gratitude of my heart will always be yours. Special thanks to the nursing and technical team at the procedure. Our team won!"   

"I want to thank you for your excellent care this last year. You have played no small role in my remarkable recovery. Thanks and regards to your very kind staff as well."

"Thank you for restoring my heart and my life. And for all you’ve done…"

If you have a history of arrhythmia or believe that you may be suffering from a heart rhythm disorder, please call to schedule an appointment for a consultation at
(561) 630-8570


Dr. Simie Platt is a Board Certified cardiac electrophysiologist (cardiologist with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of electrical disturbances of the heart). He provides a full range of services for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of heart rhythm disorders and atrial fibrillation.
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